Do we photograph cats? Of course we do!

14125716_10210596697504358_8832031437312985929_oI love photographing cats in the studio.  Although they require a lot of patience from both myself and their owner, it is truly rewarding to see a cat’s personality emerge as I spend time getting to know the feline.

13767144_10210319866383753_1546827627407164469_oHowever, sometimes there are concerns from cat parents about how well their kitties will do in the studio.  Very understandable.   Cats are known for their dislike of cars and new environments.  Even my cat knows what it means when the cat carrier comes out.

So let me share with you what it is like to visit the studio, make your cat comfortable and create heirlooms that are picture “purrfect”.A few days before your session, we are going to chat about your cat and what kind of images you would like me to create.  I will ask questions about your cat’s personality, their likes and dislikes.

We will also talk about the products you would like to purchase and set a time for you to 14195337_10210655274528747_2514363400783027743_ocome back to the studio to view your images.  This way, on portrait day, your cat and family are my focus.

When you first arrive to the studio, your precious kitty will have time to wander and explore his or her surroundings.  I pop my studio lights a few times so kitty can get used to the lights.

From there, I bring out my bag of tricks.  I have numerous cat toys, including catnip that we use to draw your pet onto the backdrop.

0031If needed, I also have cat treats and slivers of hot dogs that I use to show your cat that he is safe.

Blankets and bags are always around too. Just in case your little guy feels more comfortable in “hiding”.

Finally, if kitty truly needs some comforting, I will put his or her owner on the backdrop to cuddle and provide reassurance.  I continue to photograph both the cat and the owner.  Then if needed, I do remove owner from the images so we have and individual  portrait.

What am I trying to capture?  I love to bring out their personality and playfulness throughout the session.  I also strive to show the special relationship the cat has with his owner.

I allow plenty of time for these sessions so you and your cat never feel pressured or rushed to finish up.

Want to schedule your cat for a session?  Give me a call at 309.269.5013 to reserve a date.

Check out more of our pet images at


About lisafrancescon

I am a Certified Professional Photographer located in Moline IL.
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