My husband thinks I’m crazy….Moline IL.

0022….when I told him I was thinking about getting half naked in front of a camera.  “Why would you want to do that?”  he asked.  And he’s right.  I don’t care to have my picture taken.  I tend to tense up when the girls get out their little point and shoot cameras.

Last June, I took a Noir Portraiture Class. I then returned home to photograph a couple of sessions.  After working with the models who were at the class, and then my clients, I found that this was something I wanted to do for myself too.

As women, we tend to carry many hats.  Mothers, wives, sisters, pta members, chauffeurs, and the list goes on.  We gratefully sacrifice sleep, exercise and moments to ourselves.  As the years pass, our bodies change, laugh lines become more prominent and our hands give away our age.  What a wonderful way to celebrate these milestones and changes through the art of portraiture.

When I signed up for the class,  I assumed that the focus would be working with women to  capture the beauty of their bodies through light.  It was.  However, there was another element that was addressed that day.  My instructor is a true believer in telling a story every time you pick up a camera. He has pounded this into my head often. Not only am I photographing women; but I am telling a story as they reveal their wonderful personalities and their inner beauty.  What a marvelous thing to capture.

By the way, both models in the class were in their 40’s.  As the day progressed and we continued to photograph them, their confidence was astounding and not once did either of them whisper, “you can photoshop that, right?”

Not only did I learn to light; but I walked away with the tools and understanding to tell a story.  And I can’t wait to tell yours.

As if you were on fire within. The moon lives in the lining of your skin.  Pablo Neruda


About lisafrancescon

I am a Certified Professional Photographer located in Moline IL.
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