Portrait of a Dancer, Moline Illinois

DSC_1083bwI love photographing dancers!  It doesn’t matter what age they are – from the unstable movements of a beginner as she moves into first position, to the beauty and grace of a young woman on point.

I’ve worked with dancers in many venues – traditional portraits at the dance studio, on-location and even some simple moves in my own studio.  However, one thing I’ve never done until recently, was to use my lighting to highlight the body of a dancer who has been training for many years. So once I decided that this was something I needed to do, I gave my friend Jill a call.

I met Jill four years ago when I was working with the dancers at the studio where the girls DSC_1076bwdance.  Fortunately, I was blessed to really get to know her when she and her mother contacted me a year ago for senior portraits.  We had a great time and Jillian and I created many beauutiful portraits  as she danced at Augustana in the arches, around a fountain, and in a skybridge.

So, when I decided to embark on a new project, I called Jill, knowing that she would be up for another adventure. We spent a wonderful morning playing in the studio!

Enjoy highlights fromJill’s portrait of a dancer session.

Thanks again Jillian for coming out to play.  For more images of my work, check out the “Life is a Stage” gallery on my website.

0023 0020 DSC_1060


About lisafrancescon

I am a Certified Professional Photographer located in Moline IL.
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