Capturing The Passion in Moline IL

MAR_9795bwAsk yourself this question? When did the sport, instrument or hobby suddenly become your passion?  Was it the point where you spent every waking moment studying your craft?  Or the extra time you spent at practice…just to get it right?

DSC_1083bw You never complain about the sore muscles.  You find that you can’t wait to back in the gym or pool. You practice an art technique over and over again…just to get it right.

And then…SUCCESS!  All of a sudden, the piano pieces become more difficult; muscles you never knew you had begin to appear.  Things that were hard to do are easier and you challenge yourself to rise to the next level.

DSC_1076bwI didn’t discover my passion until my early 30’s when I picked up a camera.   Years later, the passion continues as I challenge myself  to show the passions of the young people who come to the studio.  Fingers curved on the piano, strong muscles and dancers on pointe are all highlighted through the power of light.

This summer, I invite you or your children to the studio to discover the magic as we stop a moment in time to capture a passion.

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About lisafrancescon

I am a Certified Professional Photographer located in Moline IL.
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