Tips for Great Halloween Photographs!

Halloween is a great time to make some cool photos!   All it takes is a little know how!!  Check out some of these ideas!  Happy shooting!!

Here are some great tips on photographing your little ghosts and goblins!!                     

Jack – O – Lantern Fun!

  • For best results, photograph the pumpkin right after it’s been carved.
  • Use a candle to light the pumpkin – it has just the right orange glow.  For the photograph, I suggest using 2 – 3 candles!
  • Steady your camera!  Since you are shooting in low light, eliminate the jitters by using a tripod or placing your camera on a solid surface.
  • Turn off the flash! If you can adjust your camera settings, bump the ISO up (400+)
  • If you can, slow down your shutter speed!  Choosing a longer shutter speed lets  more light into your camera.
  •  If you own a DSLR – choose your fastest lens as it will let you choose larger aperatures.
  • Shoot at different angles!  From the top, from the bottom, fill the frame, etc.
  • If you are using a flash, try diffusing it by putting colored cellophane over it to lessen the impact from the flash!  Red is a good color!

Have a wonderful and safe Halloween!


About lisafrancescon

I am a Certified Professional Photographer located in Moline IL.
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