Don’t forget your pets!

Do you consider your furry friends a true member of the family?

Isn’t it wonderful to have a creature that will love you unconditionally?

How about those bad days at work that seem to go away when you are greeted at the door  with smile and wag of a tail?

I know so many of you will nod and agree with me as you read this.  In my home, our furry family members include  a beautiful yellow lab and a black and white cat.

So, imagine our pain when we discovered on Monday evening that our cat had somehow gotten outside.  We went to bed wondering if he was okay and if we would ever see our little guy again.

Finally at 4:00 a.m., I gave up on trying to sleep, hopped in the car and drove around the neighborhood looking for my cat.   My one constant thought through this was, “Thank goodness we have lots of pictures of him.   I’m so glad I took a moment to take a picture of him in the basket that was set up in the studio just a few days ago.”

So,  as you schedule your Fall sessions this year,  don’t forget to include the furry friend who is truly a member of your family.  If you have never had a session that focuses on your pet, schedule one now. (They are a lot of fun)  As our kids grow up, we photograph their stages of development, activities and all kinds of firsts.    Now, give your kids another wonderful memory – their family pet.

Oh, by the way, my story has a happy ending.  Wrigley showed up in the yard about 10:00 on Tuesday morning.  He was a little spooked, very hungry, and I think, happy to be home.



About lisafrancescon

I am a Certified Professional Photographer located in Moline IL.
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